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What is Sports & Remedial Massage?

   Prepares the athlete for peak performance to drain away fatigue, to relieve muscular tension to aid flexibility and to help prevent injuries.

   Focus on restoring and maintaining the full functionality of the athlete’s muscles and lower limbs


Benefits of Sports and Remedial Massage.

   Enhance athletic performance

   Reduce risk of injury

   Increase R.O.M (range of motion)

   Reduce pain

   Restore appropriate balance.


A.I.S (Activated Isolated Stretching).

What is AIS?

   Helps realign the muscles fibers’, increase the blood and oxygen flow to the muscles creating the optimum health and growth state.

   Ideal for event preparation, post event recovery and injury rehab

   Can be used to aid and promote muscular healing and injury prevention. 


Benefits to AIS.

   Improved perpetration for athletic activity.

   Optimise muscle and tendon range of motion.

   Improves posture, agility, body awareness

   Facilitate the removal of metabolic waste products

   Reduce Risk of muscle tendon, joint injuries

   Alleviates and combats the tightness and stiffness after intense physical activity